A browser extension that pays you to admire NFTs

Open a browser tab

See a promoted NFT

Get a share of promo payments

How Does It Work?

Promoters pay to show an NFT when you open a new tab.

They get exposure; you get to explore NFTs and keep a portion of their payments.


Start by installing our browser extension, and then connect your wallet to receive payments from promoters.

Promoters Pay

NFT creators want to share their projects with the world, so they pay to showcase their NFT by depositing USDC into a smart contract.

Discover NFTs

When you open a tab, you see a promoted NFT. Continue browsing as you were, or click on the NFT to learn more.

Get Paid

You are eligible to get a share of promo payments when you open browser tabs. The payments are split evenly among daily active users via smart contract.

Trust Us,
We're Backed By The Best


We're a tight-knit team of hackers who enjoy making products that users love.

Rod Fuentes

Co-founder & CEO

IP lawyer turned 3x startup founder (1x exit, 2019). Hosts "NFT Show & Tell" on YouTube for fun.

Sandeep Arneja

Co-founder & CTO

Full-stack developer for 15+ years, 2x startup founder (1x exit, 2019). Loves Solidity and Ant.Design.


Lead Developer

You love hacking in Solidity and want to make NFTs accessible to all.

Your friend?


Enjoys making content like blogs, Tweets, and YouTube video.

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