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GM frens, our stakeholder list is growing and Gmail is starting to complain about sender volume. As a result, future updates will be posted on our blog and sent out via a newsletter service (Mailchimp) rather than individual emails. So if you’ve been hesitantly opening my updates, here’s your chance to let them fade into the background ? But if you love hearing from us, then make sure you opt-in to our email list here!


  • Fundraising. We received two more introductions to follower-funds and one more written commitment. All told, the end is near and we’re excited to conclude our fundraising.
  • Exploring SSP Shortcut. We explored fulfilling ad inventory immediately by using supply side platforms (SSP). We successfully opened accounts with two SSPs – no small feat as we must meet their stringent publisher requirements.
  • Monitoring Content Series. As you know, we published a content marketing experiment where we summarize popular Twitter Spaces. The blog is now 37% of page views (“PV”) in the last 14 days, up 110% from the prior 14 day period. Overall traffic is up 93% in the same time period, from 188 PV to 364 PV. Our goal is to generate ~600 PV per Summary over a 12 week period to consider that experiment a scalable success.
Google Analytics showing performance of the blog posts relative to overall site traffic.
  • Company Ops. We spent a few cycles polishing our surface areas, such as managing our signed agreements, setting up Carta for cap table management, and obtaining company insurance.


  • SSP Limitations. Despite opening accounts, various SSP limitations hinder our ability to take this shortcut. Instead, we’ll redouble efforts on the product leaderboard feature.


  • Do you know an NFT or Crypto project that’s interested in getting free exposure? Send me a note so we can collaborate with them.

As usual, we’re grateful for your ongoing support ?

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By Rod Fuentes

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