Google Strikes Again

A belated Halloween and Feliz Día de Los Muertos ? No treats for me this year ? just a 12-hr drive in a combined 41′ U-Haul and towed vehicle as I relocated from El Paso, TX to Denver, CO. Ping me whenever you’re in the area (eg, ETHDenver) so we can grab a drink.


  • Prospecting Shopify Stores. We confirmed that the low email open rate from last week was likely due to a shared tracking pixel in our vendor’s email service. First, we removed that open tracker. Second, we created a new email address, setup SPF / DKIM / DMARC, and began warming it up. Email outreach will continue.
  • Quest3 campaign. The quest campaign attracted 2,700 people to our Twitter, YouTube, and website. Assuming an average 13% view-to-conversion rate from the Chrome Web Store page, we estimate approximately 350 installs for $100 spend, a $0.28 CAC!
  • Google Ads. We had multiple campaigns running (banner, video, and search). Search is outperforming all others with an average 8.18% CTR, $0.10 CPC, and an imputed $3.25 CAC.


  • Ads Suspended. Google suspended our account – again. This after appealing and winning an exemption just two weeks ago ? We will appeal anew.
  • Quest3 Tracking. Due to the funnel tracking limitations mentioned last week, it’s hard to pinpoint how many of the 2,700 Questers actually downloaded the extension. Our estimates range from 350 to 440 installs.
  • Quest3 Scalability. It’s unclear how repeatable Quest3 campaign are given that Questers may re-enter future campaigns (eg, the same people repeat tasks to enter into another $100 drawing). We’ll investigate how to overcome this limitation.
  • Quest3 Quality. We’re concerned that this traffic source may have high uninstall rates. Unfortunately, Chrome Web Store doesn’t give insight into churn rate by source. Instead, we will monitor our Mixpanel retention charts for the period Oct. 19 – Nov. 2, when the Quest3 campaign was active.


  • We’re looking to chat with Shopify store owners with $1M-$10M in sales about lowering their CAC. Do you know any Shopify founders or marketers who might be interested in a 15 min. chat?

Thanks for your ongoing support ?

By Rod Fuentes

Authentic, exited startup founder. Exploring Web3, DeFi, NFTs. Co-founder @AlphaBack_xyz. Loves: coding, cooking, climbing, and CoLab machine learning ?

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