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Koala Bot Club Talks Game Automation

Jelly eSports’ Twitter Spaces hosts The Koala Bot Club, an NFT project that automates console gaming to improve player experiences.

Welcome to AlphaBack’s Twitter Spaces Summaries (#TSS). In this series, we summarize Twitter Spaces that you don’t want to miss. Why? Because we all love Twitter Spaces, but dammit if they aren’t difficult to tune into at times – whether it’s the inconvenient timing or unedited / off-topic meandering. In this first post of the series, the Koala Bot Club talks about its game automation platform and its integration with the #SolSuite platform.

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The Koala Bot Club and the SolSuite Platform

@JellyeSportsNFT hosts this Twitter Spaces:

  • @ZooTechNFT represents the The Koala Bot Club, an NFT project that “automates gaming and in-game trading” to make player’s game experiences “affordable and fun.”
Koala Bot Club is a Solana NFT collection that "says no to loot boxes and gambling."
  • @ZooTechNFT also:
    • describes his game automation technology, which automatically plays console games on behalf of users to earn experience or other in-game assets.
    • mentioned that the new FIFA season starts in the first week of September and they need to build a base of coins to start selling. He notes that the auction house they get provided by Jelly eSports will be sold a lot.
    • says they are partly paid by the royalties and partly by their partners.
    • adds that they showcased a bot on a Twitch stream showing they’re capable of botting games on the blockchain.
    • says that people should stake the Koala Bot Club on the #SolSuite staking platform, get the native token, and buy an NFT to participate in their ecosystem.
  • @niftygundog mentions that if someone has ten entities, then they can win every auction.
  • @ZooTechNFT says they will host 0.25 [SOL?] NFT and have bigger NFTs, too. 
  • @B0BBY_18 asks if people can buy FIFA tokens from Koala Club. 
  • @ZooTechNFT says they can’t sell them for various reasons. But he notes that they are already hosting poker games, and people who believe in the Koala Bot Club will benefit by getting the whitelist role.
  • @lagargola1of1 says they learned about Jelly eSports and found the community to be responsive and communicative.
  • @niftygundog notes that there are people that work for jelly, like mods and community managers, and when holders see somebody in when the community who should be a whitelist recipient, then the mods could make it happen. 
  • @JellyeSportsNFT says there’s been some exploits, like making fake accounts and using special characters. But the best thing to do is take a screenshot and open up a support ticket.
  • @niftygundog talks about how when “gamble” comes out, $JELLY will go up in price. @niftygundog notes that if you don’t have enough money to borrow a Rascal, you can have a dog for free.
  • @JellyeSportsNFT says they’d love to see more people in the holders chat, playing games with them. He notes that Jelly eSports always give back when they can.
  • @PoetryDude_ says there’s a lot of people that’s going to give away their JellyDawgs because one is free. 
  • @lagargola1of1 talks about how to turn off their DMs for safety reasons.
  • @niftygundog mentions that if you don’t have Rascals, then buy $JELLY.

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