NFT Promoters Can Pay For Ad Space

Hi Friends 👋 this is a quick weekcap, as we’re heads down building and fundraising. Most importantly, we deployed our payments code, allowing NFT promoters to pay for ad space that is shown to users when they open a new browser tab.

AlphaBack pays users to look at NFT promotions


  • Fundraising. We closed another investor on our YC SAFE, building more momentum on this financing.
  • Allocations. We’re now up to $875,000 in written commitments from investors.
  • Deployed Payments Code. We deployed the code that takes USDC from NFT promoters and distributes payments to users 🎉


  • Analytics. We hypothesized that we could use Google Analytics as a data warehouse for our prototype. While pushing data in has been simple, extracting data has been more complex than expected. We’ll try another approach this coming week. If that does not work, then we’ll need to explore other solutions.

How You Can Help

Food for Thought: How much time is required to onboard a new NFT Promoter?

Our current iteration is self-serve and takes about 5 minutes to deliver an ad to our users. Try it for yourself here. As a prototype, the UX is understandably rough, but all it takes is a few input fields and some USDC in your wallet 🙂

Our prior ad:tech startup was focused on providing a self-serve product for what was traditionally an enterprise, managed service. We expect to continue that tradition at AlphaBack, enabling NFT promoters to advertise their collections to NFT enthusiasts via our self-serve interface.

In the future, as we build the ad network, we can plug-in to existing demand side platforms (aka “DSP”, such as Basis, TradeDesk, MediaMath, etc.). Those are the ‘media buying platforms’ for most large advertisers. Integrating our network (inventory) into a DSP means that ad buys will flow to us automatically without having to directly partner with advertisers directly.

Thanks again for your ongoing support 🙏 and don’t forget to install the Browser Extension today, which allows NFT promoters to reach users whenever they open a “new tab” on their browser.

By Rod Fuentes

Authentic, exited startup founder. Exploring Web3, DeFi, NFTs. Co-founder @AlphaBack_xyz. Loves: coding, cooking, climbing, and CoLab machine learning 😜