TikTok, SEO, and Ads

Our journey into web2 user acquisition continues, with emphasis on TikTok, SEO, and paid media. Challenges this week included ad rejections and the Herculean effort required to influence people on social media. Read on to get the details.


  • TikTok Content. Big thanks to our angel investor (and TikTok Influencer) Myra for sharing her experience with leveraging TikTok to generate inbound traffic to a business website. We’re now posting an average of 5 times a day for the next four weeks so that we get on the algorithm’s radar. Our posts average 250 views, with one breakout at 23K views, and the view-to-profile conversion rate is approximately 0.53%. Our content targets the #passiveIncome and #sideHustle communities, as we believe they are likely potential users of AlphaBack.
  • SEO Content. We’ve identified our first main topic, “how to make money online,” around which we’ll cluster 15 related posts. As above, we believe people who search for that kind of content will appreciate our core value proposition. For each post, we’re drafting outlines (i.e., that combination of titles, H1, H2, etc.) that will maximize our search engine rank on low-contested keywords that have detectable search volume.
  • New Explainer Video. We created an updated explainer video for the web2 audience. In this version, we removed mentions of NFTs, DAOs, crypto wallets, USDC, etc. Check it out here:


  • Facebook Ads Final Rejection. As you may recall, one of our growth tactics includes paid media to bootstrap a beachhead of users. To our surprise, Facebook rejected our ads. Ad rejections are always cryptic, but we suspect the issue is that AlphaBack is free software that offers money to users, which appears “too good to be true.” That apparently, violates Facebook’s advertising guidelines ? We appealed, lost, and appealed again. By Friday, we received their “final rejection.” A similar issue is brewing with Google Ads. They rejected our first set of ads on the grounds that we are distributing “free software,” and thus must register the official source of distribution. This is ironic because Google is the distributor via the Chrome Web Store. We’re pursuing that registration, but Google’s support team isn’t moving as quickly as we’d like.
  • Influencing is Hard Work. Frankly, I’m surprised by how much time and effort is required to post videos 5 times a day. I’m starting to come around to the notion that Influencers work pretty damn hard – contrary to what you might believe!


  • No asks this week. Of course, we always welcome any thoughts or reactions you have to the above.

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By Rod Fuentes

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