This looks too good to be true. What’s the catch?

There is no catch! Advertisers pay to show an NFT when you open a browser new tab and to replace any banner ads you’d otherwise get. They get exposure, and you get to keep a portion of their payments.

How does AlphaBack make money?

AlphaBack takes payments from advertisers who want to reach users as they browse the Internet. Then, 70% of those payments are distributed to a User Treasury and 30% is allocated to the Company Treasury (which we intend to progressively decentralize into a DAO). In other words, if AlphaBack’s ad network receives $10M in payments, AlphaBack makes $3M in revenue.

This animation shows how AlphaBack earns money and pay users.

Why haven’t I received a payment yet? When do I get paid?

We’re not collecting advertiser payments just yet, because we need a larger user base to attract quality advertisers. We estimate that we can achieve that initial payment milestone with ~10,000 daily active users. Help us help you: refer a friend so that we can grow users and reach our first paid distribution to users!

How do I get paid?

Users may withdraw their proportional share of the advertisers’ payments from the User Treasury. Simply click on the Balance indicator in the settings page and it will prompt a wallet transaction.Eventually, we’ll add other payment methods, such as ACH or check by mail. Please signup for feature notifications if you are interested in that.

How do user payments work?

Payments works like this: if there are 10 users on Aug. 1, 2022, and an advertiser books a promotion for that day for $100, then each user will receive 10% of the amount sent to the User Treasury ($70) that day. In this example, each user receives $7 for this paid promotion (i.e., 10% * 70% * $100). n.b. Users must be a signed-in member for at least 24 hours to be eligible for a given date’s promotion. In other words, members who join in August 1st are eligible to receive share of payments from August 2nd and onwards.

Where are my homepage shortcuts?

We understand that the current design removed the default homepage shortcuts, and some users miss them dearly. We are working on solving this challenge in our next iteration. In the meantime, you can still access your Shortcuts by navigating here: chrome://new-tab-page (copy-paste this into your browser URL address bar).

An animation shows users how to reverse their homepage shortcuts.

How do I search Google now that my search bar is gone in the new tab?

We understand that the current design removed the default homepage search bar. We are working on solving this challenge in our next iteration. In the meantime, you can type your search query into the address bar and press Enter. These steps will cause your browser to use the default search engine.

This GIF shows users how to input search queries from the new tab using the AlphaBack extension.

Can you give me a quick overview of the AlphaBack extension?

The Basics: Signing Up

It’s easy to sign-up for AlphaBack. Begin by navigating to the Chrome Web Store. Search for “AlphaBack” or visit our direct listing. Then click on the “Add to Chrome” button.

Add the AlphaBack extension to your Chrome browser.

Next, click on the “Add Extension” button:

The next time you open a new tab, the browser may confirm that you want to replace the default homepage. Click on “Keep it” to confirm that AlphaBack should be your new homepage.

Finally, click on “Connect” and choose your wallet to ‘log-in.’ This allows us to identify daily active users who are eligible to receive payments on a given day.

You’ll know that you’re connected when you see your wallet address displayed in the User Profile or Settings section:

That’s it! Read on the familiarize yourself on how AlphaBack works in the background to earn you money.

The Basics: How It Works

AlphaBack works for you in the background. First, it converts your New Tab experience into a discovery page where you can view NFTs.

Coming soon, AlphaBack may replace ad units you are already viewing with inventory from our own network.

In each case, you are supplying advertising inventory that can earn you money. For that reason, we distribute 70% of advertiser payments back to our users!

The Basics: Discover NFTs

Whenever you open a new tab, you may see a few NFTs – some trending in our community and others promoted. In addition to viewing the NFT, you may click on the image to get more information about that NFT collection.

Rewards: Loyalty Points

Coming Soon. AlphaBack tracks how many days a given user has used the extension. Then, it tallies those days as “Loyalty Points” to determine who were the earliest and most prolific users of the extension. In the future, those Loyalty Points will be used to determine user prizes, token allocations (if any), stickers, and invites to exclusive allow lists.

Refer Friends to AlphaBack

Coming Soon! Loving the AlphaBack browser extension and want to share it with a friend? Use your personalized *Referral Link* via Facebook, Twitter, or email to invite them to try AlphaBack.

For US members, you can also type your friend’s email address directly in the box provided (you can add more email addresses at once- just use a space to separate those email addresses) and click that “Invite” button.

When your friend hits 30 days of active use, you can receive another $5 USDC referral bonus! We’ll let you know when that happens via the notifications tab.

Keep in mind, there is a limit on the number of referral bonuses you can receive under this program. You can check our Terms of Use for more information. Please reach out to us if you have any questions about the process and thanks for sharing the love.

What are your Rewards? Do you have a whitepaper on the tokenomics?

Not yet, but we are considering a reward-to-token conversion for our community. For now, rewards will be used only to identify active participants and send them cool airdrops, stickers, and invites to exclusive allow lists.

What about gas fees?

We built AlphaBack’s payment system on the Polygon Network to minimize gas fees for our advertisers and users. In most cases, withdrawing USDC may cost only fractions of a penny! We are considering a Biconomy integration, wherein we pay the fees for you. In the meantime, if you do not want to pay any gas fees, we are researching a solution where you can withdraw your payment via ACH or mailed check. Stay tuned for more details on those features.

Was a security audit performed for this project?

Not yet, but an audit is on the roadmap once we have a stable v1.0 release. Consider this application experimental. Use at your own risk and for entertainment purposes only. In general, using crypto applications, wallets, protocols, and tools may expose you to risks including, but not limited to, smart contract bugs, systemic risk, flashloan attacks, economic incentive failures, liquidity crises, admin key exploits, governance exploits, and pegged assets such as stablecoins or tokenized BTC de-pegging.

Are there other ways to earn rewards?

Yes. We’re always looking to connect with NFT influencers. Find our mods on Discord and request a special mission.

How do I uninstall the AlphaBack browser extension?

Navigate to the extensions icon in your browser (1); find the AlphaBack extension; click on the triple dots for more options (2); and then click on Remove from Chrome. You’ll see an exit survey, and we greatly appreciate your feedback as we constantly seek to improve the service for users like you!

How do I delete my account?

Simply uninstall the extension. We do not store user profiles or data, and thus there is no account to delete. Transactions (such as user payments) are recorded on-chain, and those cannot be removed.

Does AlphaBack work if I have an ad blocker?

AlphaBack will continue to show NFTs in your new tab if you have an ad blocker. However, future developments, such as ad overlays, may not be compatible with an ad blocker.

How do I know if AlphaBack is working?

When you open a new browser tab, you should see one or more NFTs instead of the default search bar and shortcuts. Second, as advertisers pay to promote, you will see an increasing earned balance. Click on that balance to withdraw your proportional share of the payments.

What information does AlphaBack collect?

In order to provide our services, AlphaBack collects information that you share directly with us when you use our website, extension, or mobile app. Though you don’t have to, you can choose to provide your email to set up an account with us, which lets you interact with our support teams, see a personalized recommendation feed, and more. AlphaBack also collects technical information about your device and use of AlphaBack to make sure that our products are working correctly. The information we collect is geared to providing AlphaBack members with a better way to get paid while they browse the Internet and to help us develop, improve, and market our services. More detailed information on the specific types of data we collect and use can be found in our Privacy Policy here.

How is my information being shared?

AlphaBack does not share personally identifying information with advertisers. Furthermore, we are exploring how zero-knowledge proof technology may enable you to convey information about yourself without disclosing any underlying data. That would be a huge benefit for both users and advertisers.

Why does my browser indicate that AlphaBack’s extension can “read and change” all my data?

That language is provided by your browser for all browser extensions. AlphaBack takes a more limited approach. We read the page when you’re on a website so that we can find ads, and in the future we may deploy technology to overlay our own ads so that you can get paid more often. We take your privacy very seriously, and you can read more about it in our privacy policy.